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More female students in Computer Science. Who cares?

Panel discussion with renowned scientists about diversity in STEM Studies.

Women are neither better nor worse suited to science and technology than their male colleagues. However, they are still underrepresented in STEM studies at many universities, among others at TU Wien. Examples for successful endeavors in significantly and sustainably increasing the number of female students to around 40% are the Carnegie Mellon University and Northeastern University.
The intentions of this discussion are to analyze the reasons and to acquire an understanding for the success of these best practice examples. We will discuss key success factors and implementation strategies to increase the number of female students.

The panel discussion takes place on the occasion of the International Workshop on “Innovations in Informatics Education at Universities - International Best Practices”. 

Panel Participants

Lenore Blum, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Christiane Floyd, University of Hamburg, DE
Georg Kapsch, President of the Federation of Austrian Industries, CEO of Kapsch AG, AT
Sabine T. Köszegi, TU Wien, AT
Hannes Werthner, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien, AT



Anna Steiger, Vice Rector for Human Resources and Gender, TU Wien

Awarding of the Helmut Veith Stipend
Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Opening statements of the panelists

Panel discussion (moderated by Gerald Groß)

Closing remarks

Hannes Werthner, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien

Snacks will be provided after the official program: 3rd floor

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