Informatik, TU Wien

The Lissom Project - System for HW/SW Co-Design

The Lissom project runs at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Republic.

Der Arbeitsbereich für Programmiersprachen und Übersetzer am Institut für Computersprachen lädt zu folgendem Vortrag ein:


The project is focused on two basic scopes. The first scope is a development of an architecture description language for Multiprocessor System on the Chip (MPSoC) description. The second scope is a transformation of MPSoC description into advanced software tools (e.g. C compiler, simulator, etc.) or hardware realization of each processor. The transformation is based on formal models. This approach has several advantages, which will be described during the lecture. The lecture also provides introduction to basic ideas and principles used within the Lissom project with several practical demonstrations.


Tea starting at 09:30.