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Vienna Gödel Lectures


The annual “Vienna Gödel Lectures of the Faculty of Informatics” were established in 2013. The aim of this series is to increase the attractiveness of Vienna to world-renowned computer scientists, raising its profile as an academic hotspot. The faculty wants to emphasize the importance of computer science and its significant contribution to explaining and shaping the world in which we live today. Our society is heavily based on the exchange of information, which is why the recognition of the essential nature of informatics is at the forefront of the activities of the Faculty of Informatics.

The lecture series is named after the famous mathematician and logician Kurt Gödel, who accomplished a large part of his scientific work in Vienna.

The inaugural lecture was held by Donald E. Knuth, one of the most influential pioneers in computer science history.

2014 we welcomed Erik Demaine as guest at our Faculty of Informatics. During his talk "Algorithms meet Art, Puzzles, and Magic" he introduced into mathematics as form of art.

Peter Norvig told us in 2015 how he trained computers to learn and where he sees borders and directions of current research in Artificial Intelligence.

In 2016 Jeannette Wing explained why Computational Thinking can benefit everyone and why it should be part of every child's analytical ability.

In 2017 the Faculty of Informatics welcomed Ricardo Baeza-Yates, former Vice President and Chief Research Scientist at Yahoo! and currently CTO of NTENT, a semantic search company in South California.

In 2018 the Turing Award Winner Manuel Blum, Carnegie Mellon University, talked about the design of machines that truly experience (as opposed to simulate) the ecstasy of joy and the agony of pain.

All lectures of this series are documented on Video.