Informatics, TU Vienna

Institute of Information Systems

Head: Prof. Thomas Eiter


Research Groups

The Institute of Information Systems (E184) consists of the following research groups:

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Research Topics

The Institute of Information Systems is concerned with the representation, storage, interpretation, distribution, protection, and manipulation of data and knowledge. The research area ranges from the theoretical foundations of information systems to supporting implementation methods. More specifically, the research at the institute is concerned with the following subjects. One subject are distributed systems and software platforms, software architecture and distribution services, and service-oriented architectures. Closely related to this are internet technologies and the Web, comprising Web engineering and internet security, web services, and intelligent web technologies.

In the area of data base and information systems, data modeling, semi-structured data, and object-oriented systems are researched, and theory and application of computational complexity. Another subject are formal and computational aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) in general, which details to analysis of inference algorithms, logic-based formalisms and methods for AI, including knowledge representation and reasoning, nonmonotonic reasoning, and knowledge-based planning; Finally, mobile robots and foundations of intelligent software agents are researched.