Informatik, TU Wien

Institute of Logic and Computation (E192)

Head: Prof. Thomas Eiter

Research Groups

The Institute of Logic and Computation  (E192) consists of the following research groups:

Please visit an individual research group's website for further details on staff, research projects, publications, and courses.


The Institute of Logic and Computation pursues basic and applied research on logical and algorithmic methods for modeling, constructing, and analysing computer systems with a scope ranging from software systems to large scale information networks like the world wide web. The institute is also committed to undergraduate and graduate teaching of subjects related to these topics.

The expertise of the institute combines two pillars of computer science: Logic serves as a unifying theme that provides the theory and tools to acquire, represent, and manipulate information and to challenges such as the security, safety, and correctness of open and distributed systems. Algorithms operating on suitable data structures facilitate efficient computation in various settings.

The institute consists of six research groups focusing on algorithms and complexity, databases and artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, formal methods and systems engineering, security and privacy, and theory and logic.