Informatik, TU Wien

Institute of Information Systems Engineering (E194)

Head: Prof. Gerald Futschek

Research Groups

The Institute of Information Systems Engineering (E194) consists of the following research groups:

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Information Systems Engineering provides foundational and advanced techniques, algorithms, design and engineering approaches to model complete lifecycles of data-intensive and distributed information systems. Such information systems play a crucial role in many forms of organizations, and act as a facilitator and enabler for the digitalization of personal and social spaces. As such, information systems became the underlying “operating system” of our society.

Typical activities in the lifecycle of information systems are fundamental requirements elicitation as well as analysis and design of systems, their implementation, as well as subsequent execution and maintenance activities. Importantly, information systems engineering is not limited to technologies and methodological approaches, but comprises technical solutions as well as social and business-related implications of information systems. Therefore, information systems engineering can also act as an interface between computer science and other research disciplines (technical and non-technical) as well as business related activities.