Informatics, TU Vienna

Business Informatics Day 2015

Monday, 1st June 2015


15:30 - Student Assembly

A comparison of bachelor curricula in business informatics by Martina Hiesinger

Open discussion on the business informatics programs @ TU Wien


17:00  - Towards a Reflected Use of Research Methods in Business Informatics 


In recent years, there is a growing demand for explicitly using a research method – both in dissertations and in scientific publications in general. Courses on research methods have become an essential part of many PhD programs. In recent years, the clear dominance of behaviorist methods has been somewhat challenged by the modest growth of hermeneutic or “Design Science” approaches. Nevertheless, it seems mandatory to opt for a certain given method. While this may be appreciated as a helpful guideline by some, others may regard it as akin to paternalism that jeopardizes their perception of academic freedom. Against this background, the lecture is aimed at three objectives. First, it will provide a motivation for reflecting upon criteria that enable us to compare competing knowledge contributions. Second, it will provide an introduction to basic terms used in philosophy of science - including a brief account of well-known research methods. Finally, the lecture wants to motivate the participants to embrace scientific research as a most joyful and rewarding activity - which includes developing a serious, but relaxed attitude toward research methods.


Ulrich Frank holds the chair of Information Systems and Enterprise Modelling at the Institute of Computer Science and Business Information Systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen. His main research topic is enterprise modelling, i.e., the development and evaluation of modelling languages, methods and corresponding tools. Further areas of research include research methods, method engineering, models at run time and methods for IT management. He is founder of the international student exchange network IS:link. He is on the editorial boards of the journals Information Systems Architectures, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Journal of Information System Modeling and Design, Software and
Systems Modeling, and Information Systems and E-Business Management.


18:15 - Finger Food & Drinks



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