Informatics, TU Vienna

Introducing Proscene-3

A Feature-Rich Framework for Interactive Environments


We introduce the design and implementation of Proscene-3, a highly customizable open source framework for interactive environments comprising three layers: a low-level component providing a set of virtual events which represent all sorts of input sources and the means to bind user-defined actions to them; a mid-level component, implementing a feature-rich set of widely-used motion actions allowing picking & manipulation of objects, including the scene viewpoint; and, a high-level library, exposing those features to the Processing language.


Associate Professor at National University of Colombia. Obtained a PhD in computer graphics from Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña, carried out research in interactive visualization of huge data sets at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms at Vienna University of Technology. Currently interested also in human-computer- interaction. Enjoys science fiction literature, and also playing table tennis and practicing yoga.


This talk is organized by the Computer Graphics Group at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms. Supported by VRVis and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).