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Emerging Topics for Visualization Research

Visualization is a powerful exploration and storytelling tool for large complex, multidimensional data.


Visualization is a powerful exploration and storytelling tool for large complex, multidimensional data. The design of a visualization solution must take into account the data characteristics, the media used, and the purpose of the visualization, each of which presents some unique challenges. These challenges suggest new topics for visualization research. I will discuss some of these topics and present related research results produced by my group.


Kwan-Liu Ma is a professor of computer science and the chair of the Graduate Group in Computer Science (GGCS) at the University of California-Davis, where he directs VIDI Labs and UC Davis Center of Excellence for Visualization. His research spans the fields of visualization, computer graphics, high-performance computing, and user interface design. Professor Ma received his PhD in computer science from the University of Utah in 1993. During 1993-1999, he was with ICASE/NASA Langley Research Center as a research scientist. He joined UC Davis in 1999. Professor Ma received numerous recognitions for his research contributions such as the NSF Presidential Early-Career Research Award (PECASE) in 2000, the UC Davis College of Engineering's Outstanding Mid-Career Research Faculty Award in 2007, and the 2013 IEEE VGTC Visualization Technical Achievement Award. He was elected an IEEE Fellow in 2012.


This talk is organized by the Computer Graphics Group at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms. Supported by VRVis and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).