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Panel discussion: Why Computer Science matters

A Janus-faced role in the 21st century

Computer Science has evolved to the key science of the 21st century. Like any new and rapidly expanding science or technology, Computer Science triggers heavily exaggerated hopes for some and vast fears for others.

In this context an endeavor for reason appears necessary and sensible to balance the strong sentiments attached to Computer Science topics.

The intention of this discussion is to reflect on the societal role of Computer Science and to establish the position of the universities in this context. Their tradition and ability of critical discourse appears to uniquely prepare the universities to initiate and drive such an endeavor for the following reason: while the radically formative nature of Computer Science for any societal realm is undisputed, the reflection of the opportunities and dangers requires more attention. With this development of Computer Science the relation to other fields of science needs to be reflected and incorporated in an interdisciplinary manner in any discussion and research endeavor. This panel discussion takes place on the occasion of the first meeting of the International Advisory Board of the Faculty of Informatics.


18:00 Welcome
Sabine Seidler, Rector (TU Wien)

Kickoff speech
Carlo Ghezzi (Politecnico di Milano)

Panel discussion
Hans Akkermans (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Carlo Ghezzi (Politecnico di Milano)
Tom Henzinger (IST Austria)
Gerti Kappel (TU Wien)
Laura Kovacs (TU Wien)

Moderated by Tanja Traxler (Der Standard)

Click here for short CVs of the panelists (German/English)

19:20 Closing remarks
Hannes Werthner, Dean of the Faculty (TU Wien)


Snacks will be provided after the program ends.

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