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Summary event of CDL-Flex

Christian Doppler Laboratory gives an overview of main research results in a festive context

The increasing complexity and flexibility of developing modern automation systems, such as cyber-physical production systems, requires the systematic integration of software tools across engineering disciplines.

In the Christian Doppler Laboratory CDL-Flex, founded in 2010 at TU Wien, researchers from informatics and control engineering have worked on industrial challenges to develop and evaluate approaches for the technical and semantic integration of software tools and knowledge models across engineering disciplines.

Key research results are a technical integration platform for software tool chains, the „AutomationML Hub“, an approach for model-based design and integration of the simulation of industrial systems, Semantic Web-based methods for the integration of engineering data documented in a recent Springer book, and an approach for the model-based adaptation of production systems, as a foundation for implementing Industrie 4.0 use cases.

In this summary event, lead researchers from the CDL-Flex will give an overview of the main research results in the final funding period in a festive context.


Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner,
Dean of the Faculty for Informatics, TU Wien

Prof. Dr. Eva Kühn,
Member of the Christian Doppler Society Senate; CDL-Flex Patin

Flexible Integration of Engineering Environments with the AutomationML Hub
Prof. Dr. Stefan Biffl, Head of the CDL-Flex
Institute for Software Technology und Interactive Systems, TU Wien

Improving Multi-Disciplinary Engineering of Industrial Production Systems
Dr. Richard Mordinyi, Dr. Dietmar Winkler, Research Area Leads
Heinrich Steininger, CTO of the company partner logi.cals Austria

Semantic Web for Intelligent Engineering Applications
Dr. Marta Sabou, Research Area Lead

Knowledge-based simulation model design and integration
Dr. Radek Sindelar, Research Module Lead
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Marik, Czech Technical University, Prag
Chairman of the company partner CertiCon a.s.

Model-Driven Adaptation Engineering
Doz. Dr. Manuel Wimmer, Research Module Lead
Peter Lieber, Founder of the company partner LieberLieber

CDL-Flex in the context of Industrie 4.0 at TU Wien
Prof. Dr. Detlef Gerhard, Dean of the Faculty for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Head of the Doctoral College „Cyber-Physical Production Systems“

After the presentations, we invite to snacks and networking.
Participation is free of charge.

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