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TAASP 2018

Vladimir Lifschitz, University of Texas at Austin, invited talk at the Workshop on Trends and Applications of Answer Set Programming – TAASP 2018

Vladimir Lifschitz is among the most influential scientists in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He started out his work at Stanford with John McCarthy and made significant contributions in the area of Non-monotonic Reasoning (NMR). This can be seen a precursor to his later groundbreaking work connecting NMR with Logic Programming that led to the definition of the stable models semantics, and thus the initial foundations of Answer Set Programming (ASP).

Interview with Vladimir Lifschitz in KI – Künstliche Intelligenz 32(2-3), 213-218. Available at:

The TAASP 2018 workshop is supported by:
The FWF START grant Y698 for the project Decodyn: Treating Hard Problems with Decomposition and Dynamic Programming
The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms at TU Wien – VCLA and
The Wolfgang Pauli Institute – WPI