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CD Laboratory: Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors

The use of embedded processors saw an exponential increase in the last years. Absence of proper optimizing compilers hindered the wide use of high level languages for embedded software. To control software development costs two main problems have to be tackled: highly optimizing compilers have to be developed and the large existing base of applications written in assembly language has to be transformed into efficient high level language code.

duration from 2002-2009

The aim of the CD laboratory Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors is to develop the necessary compilation and decompilation techniques to make the production of highly optimizing compilers and decompilers for embedded processors feasible. These techniques should exploit the specific features of embedded processors and cover the wide range of optimizations like energy reducing optimizations, instruction scheduling, register allocation, software pipelining, program analysis, addressing mode optimizations, memory access optimizations, debugging of optimized code, binary translation and many more.


Andreas Krall

Research Group

Florian Brandner
Dietmar Ebner
Christian Thalinger
Nerina Bermudo
Ulrich Hirnschrott
Gerhart Kobinger
Ivan Pryanishnikov
Viera Sipkova


VU2 Compilation Techniques for VLIW Architectures
Dietmar Ebner and Florian Brandner (SS2008)


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