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Award Ceremony: Epilog

On 25 June 2019, the Faculty of Informatics honours excellent students for their outstanding achievements in the festive setting of Epilog. In addition to the award of the best diploma thesis, the Best Poster Award is presented. Apart from that, the graduates of the Bachelor with Honors excellence program are honoured.

Learning from the best

We invite you to get to know the latest diploma theses at Epilog. The jury, chaired by Margrit Gelautz and consisting of Stefan Biffl, Martin Kampel, Wolfgang Kastner and Florian Zuleger, will select the four best graduates. The four candidates will compete against each other by presenting their diploma theses. Those who convince the jury will receive the Distinguished Young Alumna/Alumnus Award endowed with € 1,500.
A comprehensive poster exhibition will allow visitors to see for themselves the achievements of all the graduates of the summer semester. The best poster will be awarded a prize worth € 500.
We cordially invite especially students from younger semesters to get inspiration for their own work. Maybe one of you will soon be nominated for a presentation at Epilog?

Bachelor with Honors Certificate

The final certificates for graduates of the Bachelor with Honors Excellence Programme are also awarded in the summer semester. Since 2017, the supplementary Bachelor's programme has been offered to students with outstanding academic achievements in order to open up opportunities for them to deepen their knowledge and inspire them at an early stage for scientific research.


from 16:00 poster exhibition in the Kuppelsaal

17:00 Welcome Address

Hannes Werthner, Dean, Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien
Moderation: Reinhard Pichler, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs (Informatics), TU Wien

17:15 Presentations by the Nominees

Nataliia Avdosieva: Designing for Privacy. Design Patterns for Making Online Products GDPR Compliant
Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology | Human Computer Interaction

Philipp Frauenthaler: A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability and Runtime Selection
Information Systems Engineering | Distributed Systems

Lukas Prost: Real-Time Rendering of Photometric Area Lights for Interactive Lighting Design
Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology | Computer Graphics

Markus Schütz: PRTMR: A Novel Approach for Hardware Redundancy in Space Applications
Computer Engineering | Embedded Computer Systems | RUAG Space GmbH

18:15 Break

Enjoy a glass of wine and have a look at the poster exhibition.

18:30 Keynote 

Prof. Dr. Daniela Nicklas (University of Bamberg) talks about "The Bamberg CS30 Strategy - Encouraging female students since 2005"

19:00 Award Ceremony

Best Poster Award

Bachelor with Honors Certificates

Distinguished Young Alumna/Alumnus Award

Get together with bread & wine


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Photographs and/or video will be taken at this event. By taking part in this event you grant us full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the TU Wien Informatics’ aims. This might include (but is not limited to) the right to use them in our printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications. If you wish that no photographs explicitly depicting you shall be used for the purposes stated in the above, please send an informal request to