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These are the Winners of the 28th Epilog

On 25 June and after four impressive presentations by the nominees, our jury named Markus Schütz this term’s Distinguished Young Alumn. Romana Jakob and Christian Kapeller took home the Best Poster Awards while the latest graduates of the Excellence Program Bachelor with Honors received their certificates

Distinguished Young Alumn

Of the four best graduates who presented their diploma theses, Markus Schütz from the Institute of Computer Engineering was awarded the "Distinguished Young Alumn Award” endowed with € 1,500. He invented “PRTMR: A Novel Approach for Hardware Redundancy in Space Applications“ and convinced the jury both with his excellent balance of theory and practice and with his sound knowledge of the topic in the subsequent round of questions. Andreas Steininger supervised the successful graduate. Nataliia Avdosieva from the Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology wrote her diploma thesis on “Designing for Privacy. Design Patterns for Making Online Products GDPR Compliant“. At the same institute, Lukas Prost researched on “Real-Time Rendering of Photometric Area Lights for Interactive Lighting Design“, while Philipp Frauenthaler from the Institute of Information Systems Engineering presented “A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability and Runtime Selection”.

Simply the Best

The Best Poster Award, endowed with € 500 each, was presented to two graduates this semester - thanks to a spontaneous increase in prize money by Dean Hannes Werthner, the jury was able to award the prize for the two best posters: Romana Jakob took home a Best Poster Award for her presentation on “A Usability Design Approach of Tailored Visualizations for Mobile Applications”. Her diploma thesis was supervised by Margit Pohl from the Research Unit of Human Computer Interaction. Christian Kapeller, who was supervised by Margrit Gelautz from the Research Unit Information of Interactive Media Systems, received the other Best Poster Award for his thesis presentation on “Evaluation of a 3D Reconstruction System Comprising Multiple Stereo Cameras”.

Our excellence programme for bachelor students with outstanding achievements - “Bachelor with Honors” - enables students to deepen their knowledge and inspires them for scientific research at an early stage of their academic careers. The certificates were awarded to Marcel Moosbrugger and Thomas Hader for their outstanding achievements.

The Bamberg CS30 Strategy

The traditional Epilog Keynote was given by Daniela Nicklas from the University of Bamberg. She talked about ”The Bamberg CS30 Strategy - Encouraging female students since 2005“, a roadmap to promote women in informatics. She gave an overview of the Bamberg CS30 strategy, the title of the programme referring to the female gender ratio of 30.4 percent for first-year students in informatics in the year 2014 at the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science at the University of Bamberg. These figures are the consequence of a coherent strategy to encourage and retain female students, comprising a broad range of actions targeting children in elementary school, where gender does not matter as much as in later age groups, as Nicklas explained. Workshops for girls, mentoring programmes and support for enrolled students as well as alumnae tracking and female tutors as role models are also contributing to the successful way forward.

Giving girls and young women the chance of discovering their interest and talent for informatics was an important factor, Nicklas is convinced. She said it was still a long way to go, but closed with a motto quoting science fiction author Lois McMaster Bujold: “Aim high. You may still miss the target, but at least you won't shoot your foot off.”