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Patenting Inventions in Europe: Why and How?

What is an invention and how to identify a patentable invention? Are computer implemented inventions patentable?

Die WIE (Women in Engineering) Gruppe der IEEE Austria Section und die Technologietransfer-Abteilung der TU Wien laden herzlich zum Vortrag "Patenting inventions in Europe: why and how?" am 10.6.2009 um 14:00 ein. Die Vortragende Dr. Olivia Nemethova ist "Sub Auspiciis"-Promovendin der TU Wien und absolviert derzeit eine Ausbildung zur Europäischen Patentanwältin in München.


In this presentation I would like to provide answers to questions related to patenting, which I was asking myself during my PhD studies at TU Wien:

What is an invention and how to identify a patentable invention? Are computer implemented inventions patentable? Although I will particularly focus on the European patent law, I will also point out some interesting differences to other national laws. In order to decide on whether to file a patent or not, the value and a possible exploitation of the patent has to be considered. I will thus provide hints to deciding in the dilemma of many researchers whether to patent or rather publish in a scientific paper.

Furthermore, I will present the procedure of obtaining a patent including requirements, approximate timing, and possibilities of speeding up the proceedings. Finally, I will briefly summarize the forms of industrial property other than patents.


Olivia Nemethova finished her diploma studies in January 2001 at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. From 2001 until 2003 she was with Siemens working on UMTS standardization within 3GPP TSG RAN2 as a Siemens delegate. In parallel she worked within an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management team responsible for evaluation of IPRs regarding radio access networks. She obtained her Dr.techn. degree sub auspicii praesidentis in 2007 from Vienna University of technology. The scope of her thesis was the error resilient transmission of video streaming over wireless mobile networks, for which she has obtained the Dr. Ernst Fehrer and ÖEV GIT awards. At present she is with Grünecker, Kinkelday, Stockmair and Schwanhäusser in Munich pursuing her training for a European patent attorney.

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