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ICNPAA 2012 World Congress

9th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Sciences.

The ICNPAA congress series is aimed to bring together scholars, leading researchers and experts from diverse backgrounds and applications areas of applied mathematics. Special emphasis is placed on promoting interaction between the theoretical, experimental, and applied communities, so that a high level exchange in new and emerging areas within engineering, aerospace, all areas of sciences and applied mathematics is achieved.

The congress series has so far been an important biannual event and has attracted many scientists, engineers and researchers from academia, government laboratories, and industry internationally. The ICNPAA 2012 congress will have a pool of active researchers, with a proper balance between academia and industry, as well as between senior and junior researchers, including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


The opening ceremony of ICNPAA 2012 will take place on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at 8:40 in the Kuppelsaal of the TU Vienna.

The ICNPAA 2012 program will include keynote addresses, invited and contributed lectures, and poster presentations. The daily congress program of ICNPAA 2012 consists of 7 parallel sessions and 8 keynote talks, covering a wide range of challenging topics in aerospace sciences. Congress speakers report on theoretical, computational, and experimental contributions.


The ICNPAA 2012 program will have general and special sessions on areas including: neural network dynamics, unmanned aerial vehicles, advances in nonlinear differential equations, stability and Lyapunov theory, mathematical research in dynamical systems theory, methods of nonlinear analysis for partial differential equations, advances in fractional differential equations, nuclear power and research systems modeling.

There will also be mini symposiums on aeroelasticty, astrodynamics, Clifford analysis, spacecraft attitude dynamics and control, mathematical modeling and applications in electrical, aerospace and control engineering, and multidisciplinary design and optimization in aerospace industry. The ICNPAA 2012 congress program will also include special sessions honoring the memory of Prof. V. M. Matrosov (Russia), Prof. Donato Trigiante (Italy), and Prof. Mihai Popescu (Romania).


The ICNPAA 2012 congress is organized by the Institute for Computer Languages in cooperation with Verbund Austrian Power Trading AG, supported by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts, International Federation of Information, Vienna City Administration, Vienna Convention Bureau, and AIP Conference Proceedings.