Informatics, TU Vienna

From the Idea to a Funded Start-up

Experiences in the first round of financing with strategic and financial investors.

Attracting investors is often considered one of the most daunting aspects of starting a business. Every start-up needs access to capital for its activity and the expertise of an investor is also sought at early stages.

The first significant round of financing, so-called "A" Round Financing, will be the topic under discussion in this i²c Public Lecture. Thomas Ecker and Martin Oliva, both senior investment managers, will share their experiences together with Bernd Gruber. The latter, co-founder of, has sucessfully attracted investors such as Inits, Tecnet Equite, SpeedInvest and Techinvest, that not only provide capital but also essential know-how. This talk will give the audience an insight in the requirements and best-practices to develop an idea or research result into a business that can attract funding.


This lecture is part of the "Public Lecture Series on Innovation Cases" and organized by the Informatics Innovation Center.