Informatics, TU Vienna

Home-based Self-care

Understanding and Designing Pervasive Healthcare Technology to Support Care Management Work at Home.


Sustaining daily care activities in the home (or other non-clinical settings), is challenging. People need to know which care activities to perform, when to perform them, how to proceed and why these are important. To support such care activities, an increasingly number of reminders and monitoring systems are being designed. However, most of these systems target a specific treatment or condition and might not be sufficient to support the self-care management work at home. An active lifestyle and comorbidity can challenge the use of these technologies in the home setting. Based on different case studies of home-based care practices (i.e. medication management and self-monitoring of diverse health parameters), my research aims to: (a) further understand the self-care management work at home, and (b) inform the design of technology that accounts for people's everyday activities.

In this talk, I will give an overview of the work i have done so far during my Ph.D. studies (working mostly with older adults and pregnant women with pre-eclampsia) and future- work on home-based healthcare technologies.


This lecture is organized by the Human Computer Interaction Group at the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology.
The informal meeting offers people the possibility to exchange scientific thoughts, questions and know-how. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and to bring along his/her own lunch.