Informatics, TU Vienna

Philosophy of Science

A Course for PhD students in Informatics


November 2013 is my fourth round in teaching a highly unusual block course for an international group of students pursuing doctoral research in different specializations of Informatics. How can I reach students with such diverse backgrounds? Which topics from Philosophy of Science should I select? How can I relate the philosophical topics to Informatics? What is an appropriate form for the course? What should be the students’ active role? How can I make the course relevant for them? Starting from these questions, I will explain my course design and discuss some of the experiences made so far. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.


Christiane Floyd has obtained her Dr. phil. in Mathematics at the University of Vienna. After early experiences in the German software industry and in the research milieu of Stanford University, she has been a professor for Software Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Hamburg. She is now honorary professor at the Vienna University of Technology and lives in Berlin.


This lecture is organized by the Human Computer Interaction Group at the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology.
The informal meeting offers people the possibility to exchange scientific thoughts, questions and know-how. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and to bring along his/her own lunch.