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Top 10 successful Start-Up mistakes

Always looking for new hints and clues which boost up your start-up?


This time the offer is different: have a look on the Top 10 mistakes happening while working on the success of a Start-Up. This speech will focus on something you always say that it won’t happen to you … but unexpected it may slowly appear and in the end you have to suffer or find a way to make a benefit out of it. Success is not the result of an all-time plan that works in every detail, the small swamps and the big rocks on your way are influencing your adventure to your goal –and sometimes a failure is opening a new perspective that leads to your success.


Martin Povazay is shaping as entrepreneur, counsellor and investor. His experiences were growing by creating trendsetting knowledge management and governmental information services starting ‘when internet was in its infancy’, followed by various involvements in investments and IPO’s in Software, Telecom, Life Sciences and Banking. Since focusing on knowledge based solutions, he creates and supports creative business approaches that enrich society as innovations. Beside his role as an executive counsellor, he is involved in R&D Projects and Start-Up’s in Austria and UK. Resulting from his studies in Business Informatics and Business Management, he holds an MBA and ACMC and is active in transferring knowledge such as at Universities in Vienna and Ulm.


This lecture is part of the "Public Lecture Series on Innovation Cases" and organized by the Informatics Innovation Center and Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems.

Participants have the chance to learn F2F from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs who share their lessons learned. Together they identify DOs and DON'Ts based on the innovation cases presented.