Informatics, TU Vienna

Research Area “Business Informatics”

Business informatics is the multidisciplinary interface between business and informatics where modern information and communications technologies are put to social and economic use.


Prof. A Min Tjoa

Contact person for the Research Area Business Informatics
Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 9-11/E188
T: +43-1-58801-18800

Research Topics

At TU Wien we consider business informatics as a scientific discipline targeting information processes and related phenomena in a technical and a socio-economical context, including companies, organisations, administrations and society in general.
Business Informatics research concentrates on methodological approaches to describe, explain, predict, and design information and communication models, architectures, and systems for these environments. Business informatics research is manifested by the dramatic transformation information technology brought to organisations and the society in general. To meet these requirements, business informatics needs a strong scientific and engineering grounding. Therefore, at TU Vienna, we target business informatics as engineering discipline with a strong technical focus.

Main Fields of Research and Development

  • Model engineering and software engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Interorganisational systems, e-commerce and e-government
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Web science and semantic web
  • Business intelligence
  • Secure business
  • Digital preservation and information management