Informatics, TU Vienna

Research Area “Computational Intelligence”

Over the last few decades, computers have been increasingly used for tasks that were once thought the sole preserve of human intelligence. Scientists have developed ways of formally representing knowledge and using “intelligent” methods to solve problems with the aid of computers. This field is generally described as computational intelligence.


Prof. Helmut Veith

Contact person for the Research Area Computational Intelligence
Institute of Information Systems
1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 9-11/E184
T: +43-1-58801-18441

Research Topics

Of particular significance are knowledge-based systems where directly measurable and technically comprehensible information makes the transition to the general concept of “knowledge”. Knowledge is information at the highest abstract level.

Consequently, the automated acquisition, appropriate representation and automatic manipulation of knowledge, and intelligent knowledge-based human-machine interfaces, play a key role in the automation of complex systems – primarily in technical applications but also in other areas like medicine, law and society.

Main Fields of Research and Development

  • Foundations of Information Systems
  • Intelligent Software- and Internet Agents
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Hardware & Software Verification