Informatics, TU Vienna

Research Area “Computer Engineering”

Computer engineering at the Faculty of Informatics is based on an integral approach combining informatics, communications technology and microelectronics. The primary area of research is embedded systems, which are an essential part of many objects in our everyday life.


Prof. Ulrich Schmid

Contact person for the Research Area Computer Engineering
Institute of Computer Engineering
1040 Wien, Treitlstraße 3/E182
T: +43-1-58801-18250

Research Topics

The Computer Engineering main research area is dedicated in the first instance to scientific and technological research in the area of dependable embedded/cyber-physical systems. The core mission of computer engineering is the integration of microelectronics, microsystems technology, communications technology, and informatics. Without minimizing the close relationship with (digital) electrical engineering at the lower levels, higher-level protocols and software are becoming ever more important in this pursuit. Management of the constantly increasing complexity of networked embedded computer systems in ever more (safety)critical applications plays a central role, posing challenges that cannot be met without a holistic view of the distributed system architecture. An embedded system must guarantee communications capability, power/resource efficiency, fault tolerance, safety and security, real-time capability, and ideally, it must be designed and built with demonstrable accuracy. The development of the necessary theoretical, conceptual, and algorithmic foundations, as well as appropriate design and verification tools, poses a major challenge for international research.

Main Fields of Research and Development

  • Dependable and resilient hybrid systems
  • Quantitative analysis and optimal control
  • Autonomous systems
  • Dependable distributed embedded real-time systems
  • Dependable digital circuits and hardware architectures
  • Automation systems integration
  • Robust decision theory