Informatics, TU Vienna

Research Area “Distributed and Parallel Systems”

Distributed systems concentrate on all aspects of distributed, heterogeneous software systems, particularly their communication services and standards, and the ways they are integrated to form global information networks and systems.


Prof. Jesper Träff

Contact person for the Research Area Distributed and Parallel Systems
Institute of Information Systems
1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 16/E184
T: +43-1-58801-184800

Research Topics

The main research area of Distributed and Parallel Systems includes all aspects of distributed, parallel, and heterogeneous systems, their communication services and standards, and their integration in global interaction and information networks. Distributed and parallel systems already constitute a fundamental basis for advancing the information society today. We are not only surrounded by a multitude of autonomous and networked systems. Rather, large and dynamic, distributed, and parallel systems also form the backbone of critical infrastructures, such as in the communications or energy fields. The main research area of distributed and parallel systems therefore deals with creating and analysing systems that should or can use multiple computers or computer systems in concert.

Main Fields of Research and Development

  • Cloud/elastic/services computing
  • Internet of Things and Internet Engineering
  • Adaptive computing
  • Design paradigms for distributed and parallel systems
  • Parallel algorithms and data structures
  • Interfaces, languages and libraries for HPC and parallel computing
  • Run-time systems and scheduling
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking