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Research Area “Logic and Computation”

Over the last few decades, computers have been increasingly used for tasks that were once thought the sole preserve of human intelligence. Scientists have developed ways of formally representing knowledge and using “intelligent” methods to solve problems with the aid of computers. This field is generally described as computational intelligence.


Prof. Thomas Eiter

Contact person for the Research Area Computational Intelligence
Institute of Information Systems
1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 9-11/E184
T: +43-1-58801-18460

Research Topics

The main research area „Computational Intelligence“ is concerned with methods and technologies to construct, to analyze, to model, and to use „intelligent“ computer software broadly defined. With respect to application areas, Computational Intelligence at Vienna University of Technology is focusing at databases, semantic systems / knowledge representation, constraint solving, and formal methods for hardware and software. The methods of artificial intelligence are of particular importance for the acquisition, formal representation and automatic manipulation of information and knowledge. The foundational research in Logic and Algorithms, in particular the university research focus “Computational Logic”, provides a thorough methodological foundation for the application areas. Together, the application areas and the foundational research give rise to a highly coherent research and teaching area of significant international impact and visibility.

The research topics of the main research area “Computational Intelligence” are combining the application areas and the foundational research in a synergetic way.

Main Fields of Research and Development

  • Foundations of databases and information systems
  • Knowledge representation and semantic systems
  • Formal methods and verification for system safety and security
  • Constraints and satisfiability
  • Computational logic and deduction
  • Algorithms, complexity, and cryptography
  • Problem solving and optimization
  • Natural computing