Informatics, TU Vienna

Projects and Partnerships

The Faculty of Informatics at the TU Vienna is a leading institution in the international research landscape, to which it makes a significant contribution. This is reflected in the wide range of international projects, particularly EU projects, for which the Faculty is responsible.

Another of the faculty’s strengths is the way in which it successfully integrates fundamental research with applied research at the highest level. This is demonstrated by the creation of competence centres, the Christian Doppler laboratories, and the founding of new companies.

International Cooperations

The Faculty of Informatics cooperates with a large number of international research groups.
Visual overview of selected international cooperations

National Research Network (NFN)

Rigorous Systems Engineering (RiSE)
Since 2011 — Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the RiSE aims to move far beyond classical model checking and a-posteriori verification, both in the use of model checkers and in the development and deployment of additional paradigms.

Competence Centers

Virtual Reality und Visualisierung (VRVis)
Since 2000 — The main task of VRVis is to strengthen innovation and the competitive ability of Austrian enterprises using virtual reality and visualization techniques.
Secure Business Austria (SBA)
Since 2006 — Secure Business Austria (SBA) is the first Austrian competence center focusing on organizational and technical aspects of IT-Security.
E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3)
2000-2008 — EC3 researches the multifarious issues and variants of the economic utilisation of digital network infrastructures including the complex conditions and consequences of this utilisation.
Advanced Computer Vision (ACV)
1999-2007 — Monitoring and Tracking, 3D Segmentation, Modeling and Reconstruction, Statistical Methods and Learning, Image Comparison.

Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise

Centre for Visual Analytics Science and Technology (CVAST)
Since 2010; Head: Sivia Miksch — Innovative methods for data interpretation to capture the daily flood of information in simple, moving images. Project Partners are Math.Tec GmbH and XIMES GmbH.

Christian Doppler Laboratories

Model-Integrated Smart Production (MINT)
Since 2017; Head: Manuel Wimmer — A multi-year research effort towards liquid models of cyber-physical production systems. Project Partners are Certicon und LieberLieber.

Software Engineering Integration for Flexible Automation Systems
2010-2016; Head: Stefan Biffl — Integration of engineering knowledge, models, systems and tools to enable applications for the system-wide improvement of engineering processes. Company partners are logi.cals and Certicon.
Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors
2002-2009; Head: Andreas Krall — The aim of the CD laboratory Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors is to develop the necessary compilation and decompilation techniques to make the production of highly optimizing compilers and decompilers for embedded processors feasible.
Expert Systems
1991-1997; Head: Prof. Georg Gottlob — The laboratory was considered a model lab by the Christian Doppler Research Association.

Informatics Innovation Center (i²c)

The Informatics Innovation Center (i²c) is strengthening the cooperation with industry as well as the faculty's position in innovation development and education.

Spin-Off Companies

Numerous innovative companies have been founded as spin-offs of research work undertaken by the faculty:

Lixto Software GmbH
Searching and aggregating information in real-time and delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions.
Solutions in the field of time-triggered computer systems and time-triggered protocols (TTP®).
Imagination Computer Services GmbH
Virtual Reality services for culture and science, for marketing and sales and also for the industrial planning process.
Software and consulting services regarding workforce/working hours issues.
Visualization solution for simulation results to enable first-class real-time interactive visualization on conventional PC-based consumer hardware.
nuuq interaction architects
User interface and interaction design, product design.
Research, development, IT integration, IT infrastructure and IT project management concerning sectors such as governement, health,banking, mobile communications, and transport.
EngineeringNetWorld Internet Services AG
Project management solution for all project-oriented businesses and organizations.
IKANGAI Solutions
Consulting, Design and Implementation of mobile Apps.
Consulting services in the design and implementation of innovative business process management.