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Bachelor with Honors (EN)

The Honors Program of the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien targets excellent students from all Bachelor Programs in Informatics and Business Informatics, who are seeking individual challenges in addition to their regular studies. It aims to nurture outstanding students in line with their talents, and to engage them in scientific research at an early point in their studies.

Designed as a 1-year extension of their regular Bachelor's degree, students with outstanding academic achievements can acquire a 4-years Bachelor's degree with Honors comparable to the Anglo-American model.

Informations about Internship projects are to be found here.

New Bachelor with Honors Internship Partner. ENS Paris-Saclay (ex ENS Cachan), Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Saarbrücken, Infineon Austria, Intel CRI for Secure Computing Darmstadt.

New Scholarships. Infineon Austria and Intel sponsor 1-year Bachelor with Honors Scholarships.

The Program

The Bachelor with Honors Program is an additional offer to the regular Bachelor programs of Computer Science and Business Informatics. Bachelor students who qualify for the program have individualized opportunities to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills.

Individual mentoring and an interdisciplinary approach, as well as flexibility in tailoring the studies and clear, performance-based rules are hallmarks of the Honors Program.
Admission to and completion of the Honors Program is determined exclusively by means of performance-based criteria.

The admission requirements include

  • An eligible mentor (a professor of the faculty)
  • A coherent Bachelor with Honors program covering 45 to 60 ECTS of Bachelor or Master courses of choice, agreed with the mentor, that comes on top of the regular (180 ECTS) Bachelor program.
  • Successful completion of at least 72 ECTS of regular, mandatory Bachelor courses
  • Weighted grade point average ≤ 2.0 (Austrian grades range between 1[best] … 5[worst])

The criteria for completion include

  • Weighted grade point average (regular Bachelor program and Bachelor with Honors program) ≤ 1.5
  • Total duration of studies ≤ 9 terms

The individual Bachelor with Honors can be composed of

  • Research-related mandatory Bachelor-level courses offered by universities, from any discipline
  • Informatics-related Master-level courses offered by universities
  • Specific courses and internships for Bachelor with Honors

The Bachelor with Honors program needs approval by the Deans of Academic Affairs.

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