Informatik, TU Wien

Bachelor with Honors: Internships

Research-related project work

At a foreign university:

At a foreign or Austrian reserach institution:

At industry:

Contact: Andreas Steininger


  1. Students choose an internship from the list above and check details and feasibility with the respective contact person (with or without involving the mentor here), and finally apply.
  2. If successful, please inform your mentor about your internship project. You need to provide the institution, the name of the external supervisor, and a short project description.
  3. After finishing the internship project, students need to deliver a final project report (also signed by the supervisor) to the mentor. In addition, external supervisors need to provide the mentor with a short performance report, which shall also include a proposed grade.
  4. The certificate for the 6 ECTS PR "Bachelor with Honors Internship-Projekte" will be issued by the Dean of Academic Affairs, upon request of the mentor (who needs to submit the final grade and a short justification, along with the final project report and the performance report).

Expanding Our Network

We are interested in expanding our network of host institutions for internships projects. You can find our criteria here.