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Master program Data Science FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Admission

What are the requirements regarding German?

None, the programme is entirely in English. If an application form asks for your German skills, this is only because of other study programmes; your answer does not affect the chances of getting admitted.

How do I apply?

Follow the instructions on the web page "Admission to a master degree programme". Please submit your application in time, as the admission procedure may take two months or even longer.

How is my application evaluated?

Your application is processed in three steps. First, the admission office checks whether your application meets certain formal requirements. You need a degree on level 6 (bachelor) or higher in the European Qualifications Framework, and it should have been awarded by a recognized institution (classified as "H+" in ANABIN). Depending on your country of origin, further conditions may apply.

In the second step we check whether your bachelor degree covers fundamental education in the area of computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

In the third step we check whether the documents you have supplied with the application (like degrees, transcripts, certificates) allow us to conclude that your expertise in computer science, mathematics, and statistics suffices to follow the master courses successfully.

At the moment, there is no restriction on the number of students admitted per term. You don't have to compete against other applicants for a limited number of places.

Will I be admitted with or without conditions?

If you have completed a bachelor in business informatics or one of the bachelor programmes in computer science at TU Wien you will be admitted without further conditions.

Otherwise we check, based on the documents that you have provided with your application, whether you have the necessary prerequisites for mastering the courses in the programme. If you have, you will be admitted without further conditions. If not, we compile a list of missing prerequisites. If they sum up to a term (half a year) or less, you will be admitted under the condition that you do some extra courses. You don't have to do them in advance, but can do them side-by-side with the regular master programme, as we check their completion only at the end of your studies here.

If the missing prerequisites exceed a full term, we have to reject your application.

Which prior expertise do I need to be admitted?

We check your documents (like transcripts and certificates) for expertise in the following four areas: algorithms and data structures, programming, database systems, mathematics, and statistics; for details see the modules INT/ADA (8 ECTS), INT/PRO (9.5 ECTS), WIN/DBS (6 ECTS), STW/MAT (15 ECTS), and STW/STA (6 ECTS) of the bachelor programme in Business Informatics at TU Wien.

The numbers in parentheses indicate the extent of the area, measured in credits according to the European Credit Transfer System. One Ects corresponds to 25 hours of student work, 60 Ects correspond to the work load of a year.

We are not picky about single ECTS credits, but you need a solid foundation in these areas to be admitted without further conditions. If you lack some of these foundations (up to 30 Ects), you can be admitted under the condition that you do some extra courses to make up for it. If you lack considerably more, you will not be admitted.

Where do I get more information?

Regarding admission procedure, forms, deadlines, tuition fees, first read the document Admission to a master degree programme. For questions on formalities not answered there, contact the admission office:; note that the answer may take several days.

For information on the courses in Data Science, see the online information system TISS.

The curriculum is the authoritative, legally binding document. It's written in a German. An English version is expected for autumn 2019.

For questions that are answered neither in these FAQs nor in the documents listed above, please contact the faculty of informatics:; note that the answer may take several days.