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The range of courses offered by the Faculty of Informatics reflects both the diversity of this field and the current status of international research. The available specialisms correspond to the different requirements of industry and also enable students to tailor their studies to their particular interests and abilities. Given the crucial importance of informatics as a discipline, graduates of this faculty have excellent career prospects.

The sheer dynamism with which the field of informatics is evolving has called for the establishment of close links between research and teaching and international networking in these two areas.

The Faculty of Informatics believes that research-oriented teaching is an essential requirement for high-quality training. It is also becoming increasingly important to incorporate the practical application of what is learned into the training. This ensures that the creative, innovative graduates needed by industry and society are not only trained, but that the next academic generation is nurtured.

Graduates are equipped for a wide range of career and development opportunities. They acquire strong problem-solving skills that prepare them for a wide range of careers at home and abroad.

The Faculty of Informatics offers the following programs (detailed information is provided in German):

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor programs are the first level of academic education which focuse on a broad, scientific and methodological high-quality basic education as well as on lasting knowledge. Graduates are equipped for a specialized Master Program or a wide range of careers in national or international organizations.

033 526 Business Informatics BSc 6 terms
033 535 Computer Engineering BSc 6 terms
033 532 Media Informatics and Visual Computing BSc 6 terms
033 533 Medical Informatics BSc 6 terms
033 534 Software & Information Engineering BSc 6 terms
033 531 Data Engineering and Statistics, phasing out BSc 6 terms
033 522 Informatics Management, phasing out Bakk.rer.soc.oec. 6 terms

Master Programs

Based on a Bachelor's degree Master programs are a specialization. Graduates are qualified for higher positions in the business sector as well as for subsequent scientific careers (Doctoral and PhD Programs).

066 926 Business Informatics, in English Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 931 Computational Intelligence, English program Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 938 Computer Engineering Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 935 Media Informatics Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 936 Medical Informatics Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 937 Software Engineering & Internet Computing Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 932 Visual Computing Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 011 Computational Logic, European Master's Program MSc 4 terms
066 950 Didactics of Informatics, phasing out MSc 4 terms
Curriculum Supplement "Innovation" See link for details  
Double Diplom TUWien – INSA Lyon See link for details
066 939 Business Engineering and Computer Science, phasing out Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms
066 922 Informatics Management, phasing out Mag.rer.soc.oec. 2 terms
066 933 Information and Knowledge Management, phasing out Dipl.-Ing. = MSc 4 terms

Doctoral and PhD Programs

Doctoral programs usually mark the starting point of a scientific career.

791 … Natural Sciences Dr.rer.nat. 6 terms
784 … Social Sciences and Economics Dr.rer.soc.oec. 6 terms
786 … Technical Sciences Dr.techn. 6 terms
Vienna PhD School of Informatics See link for details 6 terms
Doctoral Programs See link for details

Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training program Informatics and Informatics Management (combined with a second teacher training subject) prepares graduates for a profession in the educational sector.

190 884 Informatics and Informatics Management, phasing out Mag.rer.nat. 9 terms