Informatics, TU Vienna

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor programs are the first level of academic education which focuse on a broad, scientific and methodological high-quality fundamental education as well as on lasting knowledge. Graduates are equipped for a specialized Master program or a wide range of careers in national or international organizations.

Overview over the Bachelor Programs

The Faculty of Informatics offers the following Bachelor programs:

033 526 Business Informatics BSc 6 terms
033 535 Computer Engineering BSc 6 terms
033 532 Media Informatics and Visual Computing BSc 6 terms
033 533 Medical Informatics BSc 6 terms
033 534 Software & Information Engineering BSc 6 terms
033 531 Data Engineering and Statistics, phasing out BSc 6 terms
033 522 Informatics Management, phasing out Bakk.rer.soc.oec. 6 terms

Detailed information of each Bachelor program is provided in German.

Program's Duration

The effort for a Bachelor's degree amounts 180 ECTS points. This corresponds to a study duration of 6 terms of a full time program. One study year amounts 60 ECTS points.

ECTS points measure the student's effort which is related to the different performance requirements for each module and course.


The Bachelor's programs finish with the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc).