Informatics, TU Vienna

PhD School Admission

In addition to their academic qualifications and practical experience, students are expected to show evidence of their interest in the course and research programme, as well as an understanding of the demands of postgraduate study programme.

Admission Process

Admission is based on a competitive examination of the applicants, guaranteeing a high level of quality. After a first screening of applications, shortlisted students will be contacted for interviews. Austrian residents will be invited for face-to-face interviews, applicants from abroad will have phone interviews. The outcome of the interviews forms the basis for the final acceptance.

Who Is Eligible?

The PhD School is open for national and international students (not limited to the European Union), with an objective of a 50% share of international students. The Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien invites applicants from all countries to its "Vienna PhD School of Informatics". Furthermore, a women's quota of at least 40% is intended (averaged over 3 years).

Qualified female applicants are explicitly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given when equally qualified.

Applicants should have obtained a master's degree with distinction.

Application Deadline

If there is no official Call for Applications, applications can be handed in at any time. These applications will be screened on a regular basis and will be forwarded to potential academic supervisors within the faculty.

General information about VISA / application for residence permit

Before travelling to Austria students might need to apply for a VISA / residence permit.

Please note that applications for VISA / residence permit have to be submitted to the Austrian consulate / embassy at least 3 - 4 months (the sooner the better) before the start of studies.

Therefore it is strongly recommended that applicants check the VISA requirements (documents) already during the application process. Ideally, students should be ready (having all required documents, certificates) to apply for VISA once they get the confirmation of acceptance.

Students who have been accepted to the programme have to arrive before the start of studies. Late arrivals can not be accepted.

How to Apply

The following documents have to be sent via e-mail to (all in PDF format):

1.) Application form

Application form for applicants who haven't done their master degree at TU Wien:
Form - external applicants
Application form for applicants who have done their master degree at TU Wien:
Form - internal applicants

2.) Identification Document / Passport

Provide a scanned copy (a PDF file) of your identification document.

3.) Academic Degrees

Candidates should submit their degree certificate (Master degree or higher) of a post-secondary education institution including course transcript. The submitted documents should be issued by the Universities in English language.

4.) Summary of your diploma / master thesis

A short summary of the thesis in English (maximum 2000 characters) structured as follows: motivations of the thesis, methods of the investigations, final results.

5.) Curriculum Vitae

6.) Motivation Letter

Please explain why you would like to join the Vienna PhD School of Informatics. Please also indicate the research area you are interested in.

7.) English knowledge certificates

Any certificates attesting knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS or CAE. For details please refer to the information mentioned below). These tests are NOT required of native English speakers, or if the primary language of instruction at the university attended was English. If the language of instruction was English, please submit a document confirming this.

8.) Research proposal

If you have a research proposal, please send this document together with the other documents. Note: This document is not mandatory.

9.) Letters of recommendation

Two letters of recommendation have to be provided. At least one of your referees should have a scientific background. The letters of recommendation should be sent by the referees via E-Mail to

Template for recommendation letters

English Language Proficiency

Non-native English speakers need to ensure that their English proficiency meets the PhD School's requirements. Therefore, candidates need to demonstrate an adequate level of English language that will enable them to benefit fully from their courses.

English Language Qualifications

The PhD School accepts the following tests/scores for English language qualifications:

  • TOEFL score of at least 550 paper-based, 217 computer-based, or 81 internet-based.
  • Please use the code number [4465] when indicating our institution as a score recipient.
  • IELTS score 6.0 or higher
  • CAE score B or higher

These tests are NOT required of native English speakers, or if the primary language of instruction at the university attended was English.

Students with higher English scores (IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 580/237/88, CAE A) will be preferred. However, command of the English language can be proven in many ways, depending on a student's prior education. In this case, any certificates, diplomas, etc. a student has obtained should be handed in as a part of the application documents. Nevertheless, the TOEFL/IELTS/CAE tests are strongly recommended for PhD School students.

Applicants' adequate level of English language will also be surveyed during the application interviews (see above).