Informatics, TU Vienna

PhD School Program

The program consists of Fundamental Courses and Area Courses. The specific form of each course will be defined by the lecturer as well as the Commission of the PhD School of Informatics.


PhD students are required to take 6 courses during the first two academic years. This corresponds to a minimum of 18 credits, where the number of credits acquired with each of course depends on the course's difficulty and/or intensity.

In addition, 162 credits are assigned to the PhD thesis.


Fundamental Courses

Students have to take 2 fundamental courses, to be chosen from the areas of Philosophy of Science, Research Methods, Research and Career Planning for PhD Students, PhD seminar (conference-like system), or Innovation. At least one course is expected to be related to methodologies.


Area Courses

Area Courses are research domain specific, following the faculty’s main research areas.



Courses are offered from beginning of October to the end of June. Each activity allowing for the acquisition of credits is evaluated. Three types of courses are offered: advanced courses, PhD courses and outside courses.


PhD Courses

The school organizes PhD courses covering advanced state-of-the-art and research topics whose goal is to…

  • allow students to develop appropriate skills in a number of the faculty’s research areas – a primary and a secondary area (thus two areas),
  • develop depth in their own research domain, and
  • gain competences concerning fundamental methodological and epistemological research questions.


Visiting professor courses

The PhD School invites every year a serie of distinguished professors from international prestigious universities for each main research area of the PhD School. A complete list of our guest professors can be found here.


Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are taken from the faculty's master programme, they are chosen on an individual basis with the objective to bring all students to an equal level.

Outside Courses

As a special form of PhD courses, a student can – upon approval by the Commission of the Vienna PhD School and his/her advisor – take courses at summer schools, or at other universities offering a PhD-level programme.

Such courses may also be specifically designed for exchange programmes with other universities. The courses attended abroad must either be within the framework of formalized agreements or approved in advance by the Commission of the Vienna PhD School. Also, they must assure a number of credits to the student.