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Women in Computer Science

Women in Computer Science are still underrepresented. In order to counteract this situation, the Faculty of Informatics supports women in several ways and is actively committed to gender mainstreaming.

The Faculty of Informatics supports women not because they have specific deficits in their abilities, but because barriers to equality exist which need to be overcome. Women are neither better nor worse suited to science or technology than their male colleagues. These barriers emerge early, out of the number-based “minority position” of women in a predominantly male environment where female life experience has a lower significance.

Ignoring disparate conditions or treating unequal situations equally cannot result in true equality of opportunities.     


Achieving a balanced gender ratio in the IT field is not just women’s concern, but also in the equal interest of men. For instance, research shows that a rising number of companies want to improve existing work and research conditions by introducing mixed teams.

The central goals regarding female support at the Faculty of Informatics are the sustainable increase of the proportion of women in academic staff and of alumnae. The latter is both a societal goal and an economic requirement.

In order to achieve gender mainstreaming in research and teaching, the Faculty also aims to consider differing life situations and interests of women and men a priori and in a regular manner.

Awareness trainings have been introduced to help meet these goals and are attended annually by representatives from each research group.


Measures for supporting women have a long tradition at the Faculty of Informatics and are are adapted to various stages of student/research career development. The pages linked in the overview left provide more detailed information about them.