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Siemens Excellence Grants of the Faculty of Informatics

Since 2014, the Faculty of Informatics awards annual excellence grants of 1000 Euros each to outstanding female students in cooperation with Siemens Austria. Their achievements are made visible and the awardees serve as role models.

Next award ceremony: EPILOG, January 18th, 2018

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2017/18 ceremony

2016 ceremony

2015 ceremony

2014 ceremony


Helmut Veith Stipend


The Helmut Veith Stipend was initiated as a support measure for female students of English-language Master programs at the Faculty of Informatics. It is named after one of the Faculty’s professors, Helmut Veith, an outstanding computer scientist who passed away in March 2016. The stipend is supported by TU Wien and encompasses €6000 per year as well as a waiver of the tuition fees.


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Causal investigation: Leaky Pipeline

Approximately 20% of the beginner students in Bachelor programs of Informatics and Business Informatics are female, but only 10% of the alumni are women. It is necessary to reduce this leaky pipeline problem. In order to find a solution, a sound statistical-empirical study is being conducted to examine the background of this problem and to verify existing conjectures.


Gender-sensitive teaching

The evaluation and further development of taught courses to include gender-sensitive content and structure are long-term measures taken by the Faculty of Informatics.


Gender Awareness courses (part of the catalogue “Transferable Skills”) as part of Informatics curricula

The module “Transferrable Skills” in the Informatics curricula are meant to develop students’ qualifications which play an important role in everyday working life beyond the typical subject-specific knowledge and skills. Gender Awareness courses are part of the Transferable Skills module and have been firmly embedded in this catalogue since the 1990s.

In the summer term 2018, the following Gender Awareness courses are offered:


Integration into research activities

1. Student assistant positions

The Faculty offers student assistant positions specifically for women in order to provide excellent and interested female students with the opportunity to become acquainted with research groups and to take first steps in research. Each research group can apply for one student assistant position for women per year.

2. Involvement in research projects

Specific female Master students are approached individually in order to spark their interest in research, or to offer them the opportunity to attend conferences. This initiative aims to involve them in research as PreDoc assistants and to promote them within the Faculty with regard to a possible academic career.