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Prospective Students

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

The Faculty’s project START Informatik aims to provide a high-quality beginning and first year of studies. As a part of this project and the HRSM (Hochschulraumstrukturmittel) project MINT-MOOCs by TU Austria the MOOC “Programming with Processing” (course language: German) is being developed. One of its main characteristics is its explicit focus on designing a course with gender-sensitive content.

The first course run was implemented as a SPOC (small private online course) for all prospective students, who start their informatics- or business informatics bachelor studies at TU Wien in winter term 2017/18, from August16th, 2017, until September 30th, 2017.

At the moment, evaluations and optimizations of the MOOC "Programming with Procesing" based on the feedback and experience of the first course run are ongoing. In addition, the MOOC is being completed by extending it with four more sections.

On April 9th, 2018, "Programming with Processing" (course language: German) starts as a public course at, an Austrian MOOC platform. Registration is open and possible either using email/password or eduID. Everyone, who is interested to learn programming, especially pupils and students as well as teachers and professors (who might consider integrating the course or parts of the course materials into their own courses and lectures) are encouraged to participate!

In summer 2018, the complete course will separately be released to prospective students, who start their informatics- or business informatics bachelor studies at TU Wien in winter term 2018/19. The exact course start date will be published here soon.

More information and course registration at Programmieren mit Processing


“Take your daughter to work”-Day

The “Wiener Töchtertag”, or Viennese “Take your daughter to work”-Day is an initiative of the City of Vienna which started in 2002. It was modeled after the annual “Take your daughter to work”-Day which many US companies have been participating since the 1990s. TU Wien has been taking part in this initiative since 2013 and the Faculty of Informatics offered workshops there in the past.

The last "Wiener Töchtertag" took place on 27th April 2017.
More information (in German):Töchtertag an der TU Wien


FIT information days

FIT (Frauen in die Technik - Women into Technology) is a study orientation program designed for female high school students from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland who are interested in studying technical or natural sciences. The program offers school workshops in which students of technical or natural sciences go to schools to talk about their studies. The program also includes the FIT-Infodays where Austrian universities participate to give female high school students a taste of their studies, directly in the university locations. The Faculty of Informatics offers two to three workshops every year during the FIT-Berufsorientierungstage. The workshops provide insight into various topics of Informatics studies and research, as well as an opportunity to talk to researchers about their daily work at the institutes. The next information days will take place from January 28th to January 30th, 2019.

More information (in German): FIT-Infotage


techNIKE workshops

With the techNIKE program, the TU Wien offers summer workshops for girls between 10 and 14 years of age in order to spark their interest in technology. The Faculty of Informatics participates regularly in these workshops.

More information (in German): techNIKE


TU OnlineMentoring

TU Wien offers online mentoring to female high school students and university students in their first year. Female university students serve as mentors and talk to their mentees about their university experience at TU Wien.


Bridging course

Not all beginner students have the same level of knowledge when leaving high school. In order to counterbalance this, the Faculty of Informatics offers a bridging course for programming specially for women. This course is part of the female support measures of the Faculty and intended for first-year students. It consists of a week-long comprehensive introduction to programming in Java and usually takes place in September in the week before PROLOG. Just as during PROLOG, the course starts with the programming language Processing and then teaches the foundations of Java. However, this course is more interactive and offers more content than PROLOG. It alternates lectures and practical exercises.

Course details: Bridging course Programming for female first-year students (2017W)