Informatics, TU Vienna


Assistant positions specifically for women

As a special measure for increasing the female ratio in scientific staff, the Faculty has been offering assistant positions specifically for women regularly since May 2006:

  • 2015: two PostDoc assistant positions
  • 2014: one PostDoc assistant position
  • 2011: two PostDoc assistant positions
  • 2010: two PostDoc assistant positions
  • 2009: two PostDoc assistant positions
  • 2008: two dissertation positions
  • 2007: one PostDoc assistant position
  • 2006: two dissertation positions

PostDoc positions for women

PostDoc positions specifically for women are also planned in future. At the moment, two PostDoc positions (advertised in 2015) are in the process of being filled. The aim is to offer PostDoc positions for women every two or three years.

Mentoring for female researchers

The Faculty actively participates in the TU Wien mentoring program for female researchers, TU!MentorING.

Tenure-track positions

In a competition between the faculties of TU Wien where gender equality program concepts were submitted, the Faculty of Informatics was awarded one one tenure-track position in 2016.

More information (German)

Another tenure track position for a female scientist has been announced at the faculty in 2017.

More information: TU Wien Bulletin 24/2017 - September 21, 2017 (in German)



Role models at conferences

The Faculty aims to motivate young PreDoc assistants and junior researchers, to render their achievements and their names visible and to position them as role models. For instance, in the case of co-authorship the Faculty offers to cover part of the costs of conference attendance if the woman gives the talk.
Making female researchers more visible is also one of the goals within the initiative Informatik Austria, a platform that connects all Informatics departments at Austrian universities. Several role models from the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien have featured in the series “InformatikerIn der Woche” (Computer scientist of the week):

Gender competence in job postings

In future professorship calls, gender competence will feature as a desired competence in the call texts.

Quota regulations for guest professors

When inviting guest professors, such as within the Vienna PhD School of Informatics, a female quota will be implemented. At least one of five guest professor positions will be given to a woman.


Awareness training for faculty members

In order to raise awareness for this topic among academic staff, their gender competence will be developed further (e.g. through unconscious bias training). Pro-active use of the courses offered by TU Wien / HR development will be strongly encouraged. The goal is to send at least one member of each research group to a workshop or lecture on the topic of gender competence per year. Consequently, a foundation of gender competence will develop within the Faculty of Informatics.

At TU level, the Office for Gender Competence has regular initiatives and activities regarding gender awareness. For more information, visit their website Women's Traces.