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Aktuelle Meldungen und Termine

Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller aktuellen Meldungen, Termine und Veranstaltungen der Fakultät für Informatik an der Technischen Universität Wien.


i²c STARTacademy 2019 - Call for Applications. Submission deadline: November 9, 2018
Mo, 8. Oktober 2018 — Course, Lehre, Workshop

Joint Doctoral College of TU Wien and FH Technikum: Pilot Project starts at the Faculty of Computer Science. Austria's first doctoral degree program of this kind is dedicated to the research on Resilient Embedded Systems and conducts fundamental and applied research in an international program.
Sa, 6. Oktober 2018 — Forschung, Internationalisierung

THE World University Ranking 2019: Once again top ranking for computer science at TU Wien. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking 2019, the Faculty of Computer Science of the Vienna University of Technology is among the top 10 best technical universities in Europe.
Do, 4. Oktober 2018 — News, Ranking

New Lecture Series on „Aspects of the Digital Transformation“. The Centre for Informatics and Society (CIS) of the Faculty of Informatics at the TU Wien is announcing a public lecture series on aspects of the Digital Transformation.
Mo, 1. Oktober 2018 — Veranstaltung, Vortrag

Current Open Position for Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Software Engineering. The Faculty of Informatics invites applications for the following position.
Mi, 26. September 2018 — Stellenausschreibung

Helmut Veith Stipend 2018. Call For Applications: Helmut Veith Stipend for Female Master´s Students in Computer Science - Deadline November 30, 2018
Mi, 5. September 2018 — Helmut Veith Stipendium

Termine und Veranstaltungen

Verifying Event-Based Timing Constraints by Translation Into Presburger Formulae. Prof. Björn Lisper. — A talk by Björn Lisper, Professor at Mälardalen University, Sweden
Mo, 22. Oktober 2018 11:00 –12:00 Uhr — TU Wien, Bibliothek 182/1 — Vortrag

Exploring Design Trade-Offs for Quality of Life in Human-Centered Design. Start of the new Lecture Series on „Aspects of the Digital Transformation“ by the Centre for Informatics and Society (CIS) of the Faculty of Informatics with Prof. Gerhard Fischer.
Mo, 22. Oktober 2018 17:00 Uhr, s.t. — TU Wien, Kontaktraum — Veranstaltung, Vortrag

5th Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design. High-level national and international researchers will share their knowledge about recent developments in geometry, computer graphics, computational design, civil and architectural engineering.
Do, 25. Oktober 2018 09:30 –18:30 Uhr — TU Wien, Kuppelsaal

The Graph Isomorphism Problem. Prof. Martin Grohe. — Talk by Prof. Martin Grohe, RWTH Aachen University, hosted by the Algorithms and Complexity Group at the Institute for Logic and Computation.
Mo, 5. November 2018 16:00 –19:00 Uhr, c.t. — TU Wien, EI 4 Reithoffer-Hörsaal — Vortrag

VRVis - Visual Computing Trends 2019. Biennales Symposium "Visual Computing Trends" mit Überblick über zukünftige Entwicklungen im Visual Computing zentrum für virtual reality und visualisierung forschungs-gmbh
Do, 31. Jänner 2019 08:30 –17:30 Uhr — Tech Gate Vienna - Wissenschafts- u Technologiepark GmbH