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This page presents an overview of all current news, dates, and events of the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology.


Adventure Informatics: Opening Ceremony of Interactive Exhibition. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors Siemens, Frequentis, the Vienna Business Agency and, last but not least, the TU Wien, we celebrated the opening of the TU Wien Informatics based interactive exhibition Adventure Informatics on June 11th, 2019.
Tue, June 11, 2019 — Bildung, Event, Teaching, Workshop

Events and Dates

Talk: “Formal Verification of Physical Aspects of Smart Systems”. Visiting Prof. Dr. Osman Hasan, from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan
Wed, June 26, 2019 16:00 –17:00, s.t. — TU Wien, HS 8 Heinz Parkus-Hörsaal — Talks

Talk: “Correctness and Optimality for Control Systems” – Calin Belta (Boston University). In control theory, complicated dynamics such as systems of (nonlinear) differential equations are mostly controlled to achieve stability. This fundamental property is often linked with optimality, which requires minimization of a certain cost along the trajectories of a stable system.
Thu, June 27, 2019 13:00 –14:00 — Library Research Unit CPS — Talks