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This page presents an overview of all current news, dates, and events of the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology.


VCLA International Student Awards 2018 in memory of Helmut Veith. Award for Outstanding Master Theses and Undergratuates
Mon, February 19, 2018 — Auszeichnung

Events and Dates

Evaluating the Users’ Experience: A Call for Utilizing Multi-Method Evaluations for Recommender Systems. Guest talk by Dr. Eva Zangerle, Universität Innsbruck, Austria.
Wed, February 21, 2018 10:00 –11:00 — TU Wien, Zemanek — Vortrag

Engineering Self-Adaptive Systems. Guest professor course and lecture given by Prof. Danny Weyns, one of the leading experts on self-adaptive systems.
Wed, April 11, 2018 15:00 –17:00