Informatics, TU Vienna

Institute of Computer Engineering

Head: Prof. Radu Grosu


Research Groups

The Institute of Computer Engineering (E182) consists of the following research groups:

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Research Topics

The Institute of Computer Engineering's research activities focus on Embedded Systems in critical applications. Primary goal is the investigation of mid/long-term scientific and technological problems using a rigorous scientific approach. The particular research activities are primarily devoted to all aspects of fault-tolerant distributed real-time systems. Central topics are time-triggered real-time systems, fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, hardware and software architectures for time-predictable real-time systems, and VLSI Systems-on-Chip for critical embedded systems.

The spectrum of methods applied to these problems ranges from formal mathematical analysis up to experimental evaluation of prototype implementations. Current research projects are e.g. the further development of the Time-Triggered Protocols TTP/TTA, fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for asynchronous real-time systems, timing analysis of real-time systems, asynchronous processors, and dependable systems-on-chip.