Informatics, TU Vienna

Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms

Head: Prof. Werner Purgathofer


Research Groups

The Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms (E186) consists of the following research groups:

Please visit an individual research group's website for further details on staff, research projects, publications, and courses.

Research Topics

The Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms deals with various aspects of computergraphics and general computer algorithms.

A central research area of the institute is the field of algorithms and data structures. Considered topics range from general foundations to practical applications. Combinatorial optimization with exact and heuristic methods, algorithms on graphs, and algorithmic aspects of bioinformatics form particular foci.

The second research area includes most areas of generative computer graphics, where the main fields are scientific vsualisation, information visualisation, realtime graphics, photorealistic graphics and colour.

With these many application areas are supported, such as medical visualisation, computer games, and industrial prototyping. cooperations with companies are mainly carried out by the COMET K1 competence center VRVis.