Informatik, TU Wien


Der Schwerpunkt der Forschung an der Fakultät für Informatik liegt in den vier Bereichen Logic and Computation (LC), Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology (VC + HCT), Computer Engineering (CE) und Information Systems Engineering (ISE).


Ausführliche Beschreibungen der Schwerpunkte finden Sie auf den Detailseiten (Englisch).

Logic and Computation (LC)

  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Computational logic and deduction
  • Constraints and satisfiability
  • Problem solving and optimization
  • Foundations of databases and artificial intelligence
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning methods
  • Semantic systems and the Web
  • Formal methods for security and privacy
  • Verification and safety of computer systems
  • Natural computing and formal languages
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Visual Computing and Human-Centered
Technology (VC + HCT)

  • Computer graphics
  • Computer vision and pattern recognition
  • Visualization and visual analytics
  • Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
  • Media analysis and retrieval
  • Human-computer interaction, design and socially embedded computing
  • Assistive technologies and ubiquitous computing
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Computer Engineering (CE)

  • Digital circuits and hardware architectures
  • Parallel and distributed, dependable, real-time systems
  • Hybrid systems and optimal control
  • Quantitative and runtime verification
  • Computational modeling and simulation
  • Autonomous systems, robotics and automation systems integration
  • Cyber-physical social systems & Internet of Things
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Information Systems Engineering (ISE)

  • Compilers, Languages, and Middleware Engineering
  • Programming Systems and Tools
  • Distributed Systems
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Business Informatics
  • E-Commerce
  • Informatics Didactics
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