Informatics, TU Vienna

Biomolecular & Artistic Structure Research

What is a structure?


Structural concepts are important on many levels for molecular biology. In this talk, I will additionally underline the importance of visualization methods for structural research, while also juxtaposing the information visualization concept as an engineering field with artistic representations as a field of fine arts. As a first example, I will define a phylogenetic structure based on a simulation framework for (molecular) sequence evolution. On the one side, I will discuss scientific applications: for example for selecting and filtering non-coding RNA gene candidates. From the perspective of information visualization, tools that allows for the interactive exploration of candidates and their genomic regions have been validated and evaluated. On the other side, I will discuss some of the points and questions, which arise about the incompleteness of any structure’s description and visualization. As a second example , I will present our most recently development of a chemical descriptor system for small molecules, the Shannon entropy descriptor.



This talk is organized by the Computer Graphics Group at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms. Supported by VRVis and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).