Informatics, TU Vienna

Searching Lifelong Learner Metadata Using Query Approximation and Relaxation

Trends in e-Commerce | Public Lecture in Business Informatics


Supporting the needs of lifelong learners is leading to research into new learner-centred models of delivering learning resources and opportunities. In this direction, the L4All system aims to support lifelong learners in planning and reflecting on their learning. In this talk, some L4All system's facilities such as finding "people like me" based on string similarity metrics or "what next" for identifying possible future learning options will be described. The second part of the talk will explore more flexible querying techniques, which are based on a combination of query approximation and query relaxation techniques. They would provide users with more flexibility in formulating their requirements and exploring alternative formulations for the timeline search.


Alex Poulovassilis has a BA in Maths from Cambridge Unversity, and an MSc and PhD in Computer Science from Birbeck, London University. Her PhD and postdoctoral research was in data models and languages. She held posts at University College London and King's College London before returning to Birkbeck as Reader in 1999 and Professor of Computer Science from 2001. Since 2003 she has been Co-Director of the London Knowledge Lab, a multi-disciplinary research institution which aims to explore the ways in which digital technologies and new media are shaping the future of knowledge and learning. Her current research is in querying, integration and personalisation of information, with applications in e-learning and e-science.