Informatics, TU Vienna

Main Research Areas

Research at the Faculty of Informatics is conducted in five main research areas: Logic and Computation, Computer Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Systems, Media Informatics and Visual Computing, and Business Informatics.

Logic and Computation (Computational Intelligence)

  • Foundations of databases and information systems
  • Knowledge representation and semantic systems
  • Formal methods and verification for system safety and security
  • Constraints and satisfiability
  • Computational logic and deduction
  • Algorithms, complexity, and cryptography
  • Problem solving and optimization
  • Natural computing
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Media Informatics and Visual Computing

  • Computer graphics
  • Computer vision
  • Visualisation and visual analytics
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality
  • Media analysis and retrieval
  • Human-computer interaction and socially embedded computing
  • Assistive technologies and ubiquitous computing
  • Additive fabrication / manufacturing
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Computer Engineering

  • Dependable and resilient hybrid systems
  • Quantitative analysis and optimal control
  • Autonomous systems
  • Dependable distributed embedded real-time systems
  • Dependable digital circuits and hardware architectures
  • Automation systems integration
  • Robust decision theory
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Distributed and Parallel Systems

  • Cloud/elastic/services computing
  • Internet of Things and Internet Engineering
  • Adaptive computing
  • Design paradigms for distributed and parallel systems
  • Parallel algorithms and data structures
  • Interfaces, languages and libraries for HPC and parallel computing
  • Run-time systems and scheduling
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking
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Business Informatics

  • Model engineering and software engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Interorganisational systems, e-commerce und e-government
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Web science und semantic web
  • Business intelligence
  • Secure business
  • Digital preservation and information management
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Research topics cutting across all five main research areas

SECURITY and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING are research topics that belong to any one of the five main research areas depending on the respective focus of the specific research.


Current publications are available via the TU Wien Publication Database and on the websites of our research groups.